Software Development

Within Software Development, On Time Engineers services all disciplines that are common in the high-tech world. From embedded systems to business intelligence applications. Think of software stacks to connect connected devices to the cloud and then convert the data into business value. Get started as an Embedded Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer or an Architect. Or would you like to work as a DevOps engineer? It’s your choice!
At On Time Engineers we offer you a wide range of technical challenging projects. The developments in the software field are going fast so make sure you keep up!

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the widest and most varied working area at On Time Engineers. It has an important role within the industries in which we operate such as automotive, healthcare, semiconductor and food processing industry.
Most of our clients are active in machine building where mechanics is an important part of the entire engineering department. The focus in this working area is mainly on calculating, designing, analysing, producing and maintaining machines and systems.

Electrical Engineering

From smartphone to MRI scanner and from electric car to windmill; electrical engineering plays a major role in our current society. On Time Engineers works with clients who are engaged in the development and production of electronic high-tech devices and systems. From printed circuit boards, (micro)electronics and cable solutions to complete box-built products and systems. Our clients’ products are applied in industrial automation, aviation, automotive, medical industry, defence, semiconductor and telecommunication industries.

Industrial Automation

Automation is a common term. By automating various activities, more and more human work is being replaced by a machine or software. We now see that all around us. Nowadays many services are automated to make things work as simple and fast as possible.

Our clients in this work field are mostly machine builders with an innovative character. Examples of these machine builders are food sorting machines, packaging machines or clients who build machines which can procedure solar panels.