Software Test Engineer

On Time Engineers is searching for a Software Test Engineer for Eindhoven area, the Netherlands. Would you like to work with endless possibilities? Be a part of a company that builds some of the most amazing machines in the word and work with the smartest people from all around the world? Then be On Time and apply for this position now the vacancy is still available!

About the position

As a Software Test Engineer you qualify the new software versions whether they behave according to their customer expectation and provide a release advice.

Within the sector Development & Engineering this department is responsible for the specification and the design of our customers products. In this sector, the department Software Test & Integration specifies, executes and controls the testing and integration of the various software systems into a software release.


Job Description

As a Software Test Engineer you will perform several activities in your work.

Test Impact determination: together with the architects and developers, the changes made in the software release must be assessed to determine which test cases must be executed or created to qualify the software for release. As test engineer, you assess the risk from a customer’s point-of-view and identify which system level test cases must be executed;
Software qualification: define and execute system software level qualification tests on the various test environments, such as a simulation environment, as well as real systems;
Create system test cases: create new system level test cases to qualify the system software. Apart from the functional behavior of the system also the non-functional requirements must be verified. Once these test cases have shown their value, they are automated via Python scripts or as keyword driven test scripts;
Test result analysis: the results of the executed test cases must be analyzed and compared against the acceptance criteria of the test. Based upon this comparison you take action towards the development teams to correct the observed behavior;
Test result reporting: you report the result of the executed test cases to the Project Leader and submit incident reports in the defect tracking system for resolution by the development teams;
Continuous improvement: new issues coming from customers or from the factory are analyzed why they were not caught by our own tests. Preventive actions are defined, amongst others to improve existing testcases, create new test cases, adjust the test process, etc.



A Master or Bachelor education level;
Preferred educated in Computer Science.



At least 4 years’ experience in testing high-tech systems;
Visible experience in creation of system level test cases;
Experience with programming/scripting/automation (Unix/Linux, Python);
Experience in testing from a customer perspective is preferred.


Personal skills

Flexible and goal oriented, able to realize progress within an uncertain and rapidly changing environment;
Fluent use of the English language;
Living in the Netherlands;
Takes ownership and is decisive.


About our customer

Our customer is a high tech machine building company with worldwide 22.500 employees and within their headquarters in Eindhoven about 13.500 engineers from different engineering disciplines: mechanical, electrical, software, chemical, physicist, etc.

Some people choose to work for this company because they can work at the very cutting edge of their technology field. For others, it’s the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the brightest minds in their discipline. Some because there are so many different ways to develop their career, they can specialize technically, become a manager, or take on project management.

Everyone has a different reason to join. But everyone has the same reason to stay: teamwork. Everyone is part of a multidisciplinary team. physicists, mechanical-, electrical- and chemical engineers, metrology experts and more – all working together in different teams to crack a particular challenge. Each team member brings a different set of skills to attack technical challenges from different angles. The result? Incredibly imaginative breakthroughs at the cutting edge of engineering. With each new breakthrough, the people at this company feel proud. Proud of themselves and proud of their team. That’s why people choose to work here. And that’s why people stay.


Our offer

A high tech work environment where you will work on newest technologies. Projects with depth and a lot of challenge. In addition to attractive primary and secondary employment conditions, we invest in your personal development! Other conditions are:

Directly a long term contract with On Time Engineers, followed by a (permanent) contract with our customer;
8% holiday allowance;
27 vacation days per year;
Collective pension scheme including employer’s contribution;
Professional coaching on-the-job;
Innovative projects that contribute to a better world;
Courses or training as required.


How to apply

Do you have any questions concerning this position or do you want to apply? Be On Time and contact On Time Engineers, Eda Demir at +31 619 622 944. You can also send your questions or resume by mail to