Hi there, my name is Daniel.

I was referred by a friend to On Time Engineers. When you hear good things about a company from somebody you trust, it is usually a good start.

And it was indeed an excellent referral. After talking to Eda, I realized that she had a special way of working in which she really puts the candidate at the center of everything and really thrives in finding the most appropriate solution for him or her. She was very close since the beginning, making sure to understand what I wanted and how she could help me best.

On Time Engineers has an extensive contact network in the area and a deep knowledge of the labour market situation and what companies are looking for. As an expat living in a country unfamiliar to me, it was really helpful to find On Time Engineers. Eda helped me in preparing the interviews thoroughly, was always very transparent, easy to reach, and ensured I was properly informed about all the details needed to be known.

All in all, if you are considering a change and a step UP in your career or just want to check what other options you have out there,  I strongly recommend reaching out to On Time Engineers.

Thanks to them, I will be starting a new adventure that I am really looking for!