Hello, my name is Francesc.

Last July I finished my studies at the university and, as a recent graduated I wanted to find the best employer one could get. Not just in terms of location, holidays, salary… But about how they will teach, understand, shape and manage a junior mechanical engineer.

When I did my first interview with Eda, I really felt comfortable, all my fears disappeared. And that is her fault because of being a good listener asking the right questions and making you to feel like at home   At this point, I really knew that On Time Engineers would find the best opportunity for me!

Only one month later I was sitting in a plane from Alicante to Eindhoven for a two-days interview with my current employer. And yes, all points mentioned at the beginning were a match! And of course, Eda is more than capable to find the best couple employee-employer.

My contract was signed but the story was not over, moving to another country is not that easy. And again, On Time Engineers did it again: finding an apartment, arranging all the necessary documents and providing me the practical information which was good to know. Throughout all process, they have always gone a step further, filling all my expectations in an outstanding way.

I am happy to say that I have found the position I was seeking thanks to On Time Engineers. Professional, involved, committed or ambitious are the lightest adjectives to describe Eda’s way of work.

Even If you are recent graduated or experienced engineer, looking for your dreamed position, do not hesitate to sign up to On Time Engineers!