Hi there, my name is Michael,

At the beginning of the year I was thinking about my long term future. For almost 10 years now I was working at an automotive company on the department developing diesel engines. Seeing what is happening in the automotive world with the electrification and companies discontinuing the development of diesel engines I asked myself the question how will the future look like for diesel engines? Personally I think this will not be a bright future with much challenges and will totally disappear within 10 or 20 years. This trigged me to look for a new challenge.

I wanted to see if it was possible to find this new challenge outside of the automotive. This would give me the chance to really learn something completely new and broaden my technical knowledge. Out of experience I know this would be a challenge switching company, function and technical background. But after the first meeting with Eda from On Time Engineers, she was convinced she could find that job for me. To be honest, from the first moments we talked to each other the feeling was really good. I have talked to several other companies the last years but they never gave me the feeling that they were really there to help me. Eda does give that feeling and is true to her word.

It was not an easy path, a few very interesting companies didn’t want to make the gamble but Eda kept on going looking for my new challenge. She is always positive and that motivated also me to continue even after the rejections. And now she has found for the new and exciting challenge at a high tech company!

Thank you very much Eda, for all the work you did for and keeping my spirit up high! If for what reason what so ever I need to look for a new job, you will be first whom I will contact.

Kind regards,