Hello, my name is Nikolay !

You know those times when you have already made plans, everything is going great and then suddenly, it all turns around in a whole new direction, BUT it’s even better! Well I didn’t! Until On Time Engineers approached me.

I had it all planned when I came in the Netherlands with Zhenya (my girl). I had a job, rented a nice studio in Eindhoven, even started making some friends… what more can you ask for? And just after two months Eda showed me that it can be even better! She introduced me to a few appropriate positions and I went to some interviews.

After a few weeks, I got an offer from the best possible position for me and I decided that if I am to develop my career in the right direction, then I must definitely take that offer. It was on the table and it wasn’t going to wait for me! I had to leave my current company shortly after I started and also move to Nijmegen, but it was all worth it tenfold.

1st of July I started my new job as an optics test engineer. Without Eda, this huge jump in my career, this amazing opportunity would have never presented itself!

Thank you, Eda & On Time Engineers !