On Time Engineers werkt samen met zowel Nederlands als Engels talige engineers. Hieronder hebben we daarom een mix van Nederlandse en Engelse succesverhalen. Lees hoe zij de samenwerking met On Time Engineers hebben ervaren en hoe hun Step Up is geweest.


Hi, ik ben Anne.

Alweer even geleden nam Eda Demir van On Time Engineers contact met me op via LinkedIn. Of ik interesse had in een functie die volgens haar goed bij mij zou passen. Ik had op dat moment geen interesse in een andere baan en besloot dus niet op haar voorstel in te gaan.

Eda deed hierna nog een poging om over de functie met mij in gesprek te komen. Het was me inmiddels duidelijk geworden om welke functie bij welk bedrijf het ging en mede daarom heb ik “Ja” gezegd. Wat volgde was een open en constructief gesprek over de functie en onder welke voorwaarden een eerste sollicitatiegesprek zinvol kon zijn. Eda heeft de uitkomst vervolgens doorgesproken met mijn inmiddels nieuwe werkgever waarop een uitnodiging voor een eerste gesprek volgde.

Gedurende het sollicitatietraject hebben Eda en ik onderling steeds goed afgestemd welke acties Eda en welke vervolgacties ik zou ondernemen en hebben we elkaar goed op de hoogte gehouden van de resultaten. Dit maatwerk vond ik erg prettig en ook de onderlinge open communicatie verliep prettig. Het sollicitatietraject is succesvol afgesloten met voor mij een nieuwe uitdagende baan als resultaat, plus dat ik vanuit mijn nieuwe baan nu op een andere manier in contact blijf met On Time Engineers.

Terugkijkend kan ik zeggen dat de goede en transparante communicatie, het meedenken van Eda en hoe zij haar intermediair rol ingevuld heeft zeker bijgedragen heeft tot dit eindresultaat. Ik vind het erg prettig samenwerken met On Time Engineers en kijk uit naar een vervolg vanuit mijn huidige functie.




Hi, my name is Laura.

Supportive, motivating and highly professional!
On Time Engineers has been fantastic throughout the whole recruitment process. Eda was very quick to understand the kind of position I was looking for, identifying my strengths and putting me forward for the right job. I cannot thank Eda enough for her full support during this chaotic time due to Covid pandemic.

It’s a pleasure to recommend On Time Engineers and Eda as an accomplished recruiting professional. I’m sure that her efficiency will help other candidates to find the right job. 





My name is Saleh and today, 1 April 2020, I have started my new job (but from home because of COVID-19 pandemic and that is also why I could not make a picture with Eda…).

I was working at my former company when On Time Engineers introduced me a very attractive opportunity at a brand new company. I was comfortable in my previous position and was not looking for any change. However, Eda persuaded me not to resist the opportunity and try my chance with an interview session.

Thanks to On Time Engineers, now I am working at my dream company! Eda, very professionally took the initiative and follow up on many matters which made the whole process very simple and easy for me, and for that I am very grateful of her. I am aware that even at the present relatively unstable market situation, On Time Engineers is successfully helping with several other recruiting, which is quite an accomplishment by itself. I am very thankful to On Time Engineers and especially Eda, for reaching out and introducing this great opportunity to me.

Contact On Time Engineers if you want to know what opportunity is out there for you!

All the Best,



Hi there, my name is Daniel.

I was referred by a friend to On Time Engineers. When you hear good things about a company from somebody you trust, it is usually a good start.

And it was indeed an excellent referral. After talking to Eda, I realized that she had a special way of working in which she really puts the candidate at the center of everything and really thrives in finding the most appropriate solution for him or her. She was very close since the beginning, making sure to understand what I wanted and how she could help me best.

On Time Engineers has an extensive contact network in the area and a deep knowledge of the labour market situation and what companies are looking for. As an expat living in a country unfamiliar to me, it was really helpful to find On Time Engineers. Eda helped me in preparing the interviews thoroughly, was always very transparent, easy to reach, and ensured I was properly informed about all the details needed to be known.

All in all, if you are considering a change and a step UP in your career or just want to check what other options you have out there,  I strongly recommend reaching out to On Time Engineers.

Thanks to them, I will be starting a new adventure that I am really looking for!




Hello, my name is Sergey and I am a software engineer.

I would like to share my experiences with On Time Engineers by saying first: a huge thank you On Time Engineers! From the get-go, the whole experience with On Time Engineers was such a pleasure and they made me feel so welcome. The whole process with everything was by far the best experience I have had with a recruiting agency. Very professional, easy and fast.

My engagement with Eda from initial inquiry and right throughout the whole recruitment process was entirely pleasant and professional. She has excellent interpersonal and communication skills combined with an ethic and practice that delivers on promises.  She was supportive throughout the whole process and kept me informed regularly with each step, wishing me luck and always asking for my input about how I felt.

I would recommend anyone looking for a new opportunity to go ahead and contact On Time Engineers.

Regards Sergey.


Hello, my name is Filippos. 

Last July I started my search for a new challenge. After two years as a process engineer in a ‎manufacturing technology printing company, I was looking for more challenges and action.

At this time, Eda from On-Tine Engineers contacted me and we organized first talk. She understood completely my needs. From the beginning, I realized that On Time Engineers could find me the proper vacancy based on my needs and my background.

After a week, she proposed my resume to a developing manufacture company. She arranged all the interviews and she explained me all the opportunities on this company. From the first in person interview in their facilities, I understood that we had a match. After tree interview sessions  we agreed and when I return from my holidays, I started to work at my new company as a Commissioning Engineer.

On Time Engineers helped me a lot. Eda was always there with immediate response to any of my questions and needs. The whole process took less than 4 weeks, and this happened during my holidays!

I could describe On Time Engineers as professional, experienced, enthusiastic, methodical, ambitious, active and a committed organization. Therefore, I already recommended them to all my colleagues and friends.

I recommend On Time Engineers also to YOU! If you are a starter or an experienced engineer, who is ready for a Step UP just contact On Time Engineers!

Best regards,



A couple of years ago On Time Engineers reached out to me on LinkedIn and asked me if I would be interested in a new opportunity.

The initial contacts were to my opinion a game changer and a huge step towards the opportunities of finding a solid match with a company. I excepted the invitation. Eda understood my situation right away. From the start I felled like I was not just a candidate. From the first moment till the last, On Time Engineers supported me on my path to find a match by keeping the conversation open and discussing my thoughts and opinions.

Even if you are completely on your place at your current employer. To my opinion it is always wise to keep your eyes wide open to see what might be, behind the horizon. In most cases your sight is limited on what you learn and experience at your current working environment.

After a few meetings with different interesting companies I found my current employer. During the process On Time Engineers stayed on the human side of creating the win-win situation.

I would like to end by thanking On Time Engineers and especially Eda, for reaching out and keep on understanding my situation in my search for personal development.

Best regards,

Walter Lunenburg


Hi there, my name is Michael,

At the beginning of the year I was thinking about my long term future. For almost 10 years now I was working at an automotive company on the department developing diesel engines. Seeing what is happening in the automotive world with the electrification and companies discontinuing the development of diesel engines I asked myself the question how will the future look like for diesel engines? Personally I think this will not be a bright future with much challenges and will totally disappear within 10 or 20 years. This trigged me to look for a new challenge.

I wanted to see if it was possible to find this new challenge outside of the automotive. This would give me the chance to really learn something completely new and broaden my technical knowledge. Out of experience I know this would be a challenge switching company, function and technical background. But after the first meeting with Eda from On Time Engineers, she was convinced she could find that job for me. To be honest, from the first moments we talked to each other the feeling was really good. I have talked to several other companies the last years but they never gave me the feeling that they were really there to help me. Eda does give that feeling and is true to her word.

It was not an easy path, a few very interesting companies didn’t want to make the gamble but Eda kept on going looking for my new challenge. She is always positive and that motivated also me to continue even after the rejections. And now she has found for the new and exciting challenge at a high tech company!

Thank you very much Eda, for all the work you did for and keeping my spirit up high! If for what reason what so ever I need to look for a new job, you will be first whom I will contact.

Kind regards,



Hi there, my name is Hanno,

At the start of 2018 I met On Time Engineers through internet.

From the very first exchange of messages between us, it was clear that On Time Engineers is an exceptionally company to work with. Their professionalism is rivalled by their knowledge of Engineering and I could comfortably discuss the technical work that I have done in the past and what I want to do. They not only understood the work that I was busy with but also what I would like to achieve in my career; my next Step UP as they call it at On Time Engineers.

Thanks to On Time Engineers I am currently working my dream job! Without the help of Eda and her company, I would still have been chasing this dream job. From preparing for the interview to getting all the information that I required for moving to the Netherlands, On Time Engineers was there to help me wherever they could.

I believe there are a finite number of significant events in your career and in mine one of these events was meeting Eda. Not a single thing that she has said or promised me has ever been untrue or did not happen. Reading through the other references on this web page it is clear to me that I am not the only person who has had the interaction that I have described here with Eda.

So what are you waiting for? Be On Time!

Contact On Time Engineers if you are ready for your next Step UP!




Hello, my name is Nikolay !

You know those times when you have already made plans, everything is going great and then suddenly, it all turns around in a whole new direction, BUT it’s even better! Well I didn’t! Until On Time Engineers approached me.

I had it all planned when I came in the Netherlands with Zhenya (my girl). I had a job, rented a nice studio in Eindhoven, even started making some friends… what more can you ask for? And just after two months Eda showed me that it can be even better! She introduced me to a few appropriate positions and I went to some interviews.

After a few weeks, I got an offer from the best possible position for me and I decided that if I am to develop my career in the right direction, then I must definitely take that offer. It was on the table and it wasn’t going to wait for me! I had to leave my current company shortly after I started and also move to Nijmegen, but it was all worth it tenfold.

1st of July I started my new job as an optics test engineer. Without Eda, this huge jump in my career, this amazing opportunity would have never presented itself!

Thank you, Eda & On Time Engineers !




Hi, I am Ruijun.

I am a new doctor of mechanical engineering. I will start my first job on 1st December as a Junior Sourcing Engineer (communication between engineers and suppliers).

On Time Engineers helped me a lot with this position where I change my expertise from mechanical engineering to communication. Exactly what I wanted! Eda helped me out during my search. She is professional, kind and fast in decision making!

On Time Engineers called me for a Junior Mechanical Engineer vacancy. However, I was looking for a communication role for engineering. I honestly told On Time Engineers what I wanted and asked Eda to contact me if she would have such a position. A few weeks later Eda called me again with a position including both engineering and communication, which was close to what I wanted! She was convinced that I was the right candidate for it. I gave it a try.

I lived in Delft and the interview was near Eindhoven, a long trip. Eda offered to pick me up from Eindhoven train station. I felt very relaxed talking with Eda. She also asked me some questions, which made me think that she really wanted to help me.

The first interview was with Eda in the company where I had directly the chance to have a close look on their machines and work environment. Later, in total I took three interviews with the employers. After each interview Eda always talked immediately with the employers and gave me feedback very fast. After the interviews my current employer offered me a great position. This position is exactly what I wanted!

Without On Time Engineers I would miss this opportunity.

Much thanks to On Time Engineers!


Best regards, Ruijun.


Hello, my name is Francesc.

Last July I finished my studies at the university and, as a recent graduated I wanted to find the best employer one could get. Not just in terms of location, holidays, salary… But about how they will teach, understand, shape and manage a junior mechanical engineer.

When I did my first interview with Eda, I really felt comfortable, all my fears disappeared. And that is her fault because of being a good listener asking the right questions and making you to feel like at home   At this point, I really knew that On Time Engineers would find the best opportunity for me!

Only one month later I was sitting in a plane from Alicante to Eindhoven for a two-days interview with my current employer. And yes, all points mentioned at the beginning were a match! And of course, Eda is more than capable to find the best couple employee-employer.

My contract was signed but the story was not over, moving to another country is not that easy. And again, On Time Engineers did it again: finding an apartment, arranging all the necessary documents and providing me the practical information which was good to know. Throughout all process, they have always gone a step further, filling all my expectations in an outstanding way.

I am happy to say that I have found the position I was seeking thanks to On Time Engineers. Professional, involved, committed or ambitious are the lightest adjectives to describe Eda’s way of work.

Even If you are recent graduated or experienced engineer, looking for your dreamed position, do not hesitate to sign up to On Time Engineers!





Stel: je begint aan de bouw van je droomhuis op de oever van een prachtig meer. Je hebt een mooi ontwerp gemaakt, en in je gedachten heb je je toekomstige woonplaats al van kelder tot zolder ingericht. Tijdens de constructie kom je er achter dat je een aantal details over het hoofd hebt gezien: de bekabeling, het fundament, de isolatie… Niemand had je verteld dat je hier ook rekening mee moest houden!

Het leven van een ingenieur is niet anders. In de schoolbanken til je je theoretische kennis naar het volgende niveau. Je leert om analytisch en methodisch na te denken. Echter mis je een frisse blik op de realiteit…

On Time Engineers biedt je de kans om een kijkje te nemen in de keuken van het bedrijfsleven. Eenmaal binnen zul je snel ontdekken dat de ‘big boys’ van de high-tech wereld niet beschikken over een donker kamertje waar een paar nerds hun producten in elkaar schroeven. In plaats daarvan leer je dat in een bedrijf mensen van verschillende achtergronden nodig zijn om de boel aan het draaien te houden; human resources, research& development, finance, retail, quality control, management et cetera.

Persoonlijk heb ik een goede ervaring met On Time Engineers. Samen ga je op zoek naar welke vacature het best bij je past. Als er een match is helpt On Time Engineers je op weg. Je krijgt bijvoorbeeld hulp bij het zo aantrekkelijk mogelijk maken van je CV. Zo ga je zelfverzekerd je sollicitatiegesprek tegenmoet. Wie weet mag je net zoals ik de volgende dag al beginnen.

Gun jezelf een update, en meld je aan bij On Time Engineers!





Vandaag is het 10 juli 2017 en het is mijn eerste werkdag bij mijn nieuwe werkgever, Concept Engineers in Eindhoven, te danken aan On Time Engineers!

Ik werd benaderd door On Time Engineers op het moment dat ik eigenlijk helemaal niet actief op zoek was naar een nieuwe uitdaging. On Time Engineers heeft mij weten te enthousiasmeren door een duidelijk en goed verhaal te presenteren over de mogelijkheden bij Concept Engineers waar ik geen nee op kon zeggen. Naast een zeer leuke carrière stap heb ik nu ook een werkgever die op 10 minuten fietsafstand zit. 

Al vanaf het eerste moment werd er niet geheimzinnig gedaan over om welke organisatie het ging en werd het eerste en daaropvolgende gesprek ook meteen bij mijn huidige werkgever georganiseerd. Daarmee kreeg ik direct een goed beeld van de omgeving, de machines die we hier bouwen maar vooral ook de sfeer binnen de organisatie.

Eindelijk een recruiter die weet hoe ze iemand professioneel moet benaderen met een duidelijk verhaal, dacht ik. De aanpak van On Time Engineers is persoonlijk, motiverend en enthousiasmerend.

Ben je toe aan een volgende of misschien een eerste stap in je carrière, dan raad ik On Time Engineers zeker aan! Ook voor niet actief werkzoekenden! Want de focus ligt bij On Time Engineers juist op professionals die latent om zich heen kijken, net als ik!





In juni 2017 ben ik begonnen als electrical design engineer bij Smit Thermal Solutions in Son.

Via LinkedIn ben ik in contact gekomen met Eda Demir, eigenaar van On Time Engineers en had vrijwel direct het gevoel dat zij echt iets voor mij kon betekenen.

Eda heeft een persoonlijke en een motiverende benadering waardoor ik heb besloten om kennis te gaan maken. Binnen een korte periode werd een afspraak geregeld bij mijn toekomstige werkgever. Wat ik als zeer prettig heb ervaren is dat het eerste gesprek direct al bij mijn nieuwe werkgever plaatsvond. De rondleiding door het bedrijf gaf mij een goede algemene indruk van wat ze daar doen.

On Time Engineers heeft goed gekeken naar mijn profiel, mijn voorkeuren en wensen. Op basis daarvan had ik binnen twee weken mijn contract in handen! Eda is proactief, vriendelijk en oprecht. Ze is absoluut een van de betere recruiters die ik ben tegen gekomen.

Ik ben On Time Engineers dankbaar voor de bijzondere sollicitatieprocedure en de uitdagende baan die mij geboden is en raad haar bedrijf en manier van werken zeker aan.